Season 1 · Episode #3

Exploring the Data Challenges of Personalised Health

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How overcoming data challenges enables improvements in care delivery and targeting healthcare resources

In today's world of smart devices and social media, we share a lot of dataโ€” about our preferences, habits, locations, and much moreโ€” to enhance the quality and convenience of our lives. Data are also critical to delivering the benefits of personalised health.

But where do we draw the line between privacy and utility? What challenges do health systems face in collecting, sharing, and using data cost-effectively, securely, and ethically?

In this episode, host Tony Estrella and guest experts Dale Sanders and Dr. Joanne Hackett discuss the barriers to data sharing and the complex questions policymakers have to answer to design strong data policies including governance and security. Plus, they discuss lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as successful models that can serve as a blueprint for health systems around the world.

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Chief Strategy Officer at Intelligent Medical Objects

Dr. Joanne

Senior Director at IQVIA

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