Season 1 · Episode #2

Can We Merge Personalised Health with Public Health?

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How data-driven initiatives make public health more efficient and personalised

A coordinated approach to public health has improved the lives of billions of people since the late 1800s. By identifying population-level health challenges, improving sick care and infrastructure, and scaling up interventions that work, public health has raised the quality of life and extended how long people live. But public health is far from perfect. Diseases like cholera, diabetes, and COVID-19 still impact billions of people around the world.

In this episode, we look at the impact personalisation brings to public health. Are they compatible? Can personalised health be affordable and accessible to all populations, not only the wealthy? These are critical questions which impact the future of health.

Personalised public health promises to improve global outcomes by using data and technology to target interventions to populations. Host Tony Estrella and experts Dr. Jeremy Lim and Dr. John Sargent discuss the policy challenges to achieving personalised public health, as well as examples from around the world where this approach is already becoming reality.

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Leading Public Health Expert, National University of Singapore

Dr. John

Founding Partner at BroadReach

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