Sustainability Index

The Sustainability Index

The Sustainability Index shows how futureproof healthcare systems currently are based on five elements that matter the most: Access, Health Status, Innovation, Quality and Resilience

  • Access is the extent to which medicines, treatments, diagnostics or other technologies can be accessed by the people who need them.
  • Health Status evaluates the population’s actual health status and outcomes.
  • Resilience considers the ability of a health system to meet the population’s needs in the future and the resources which ensure adaptability to innovation.
  • Innovation assesses investments in developing new transformative medicines, treatments or technologies by both the responsible authorities and the private sector.
  • Quality measures the strength of healthcare delivery, taking into consideration the methods of implementation of healthcare solutions.

The Expert Panel

A steering panel of healthcare experts has rigorously guided the building of the Indices to make the final tool as neutral, relevant and wide-reaching as possible, and to drive a future-focused conversation. This group of experts in patient care, health policy, sustainable healthcare and health innovation guided the design of the Index by agreeing on the methodology, directing the data gathering, validating the strength of the sources and signing off on the final tool. They have each contributed expert commentary on the results.

Expert picture

Martine Piccart

Professor of Oncology and Director of Medicine

Expert picture

Mary Harney

Former Tánaiste and former Minister for Health, Ireland

Expert picture

Elisabeth Kasilingam

Managing Director

Expert picture

Denis Horgan

Executive Director

Expert picture

Bogi Eliasen

Associated Partner Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and expert panel member for FutureProofing Healthcare: The Sustainability Index

Expert picture

Birgit Beger

Chief Executive Officer

Expert picture

Lydia Makaroff