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The Sustainability Index

The Sustainability Index is based on five Vital Signs: Access, Health Status, Innovation, Quality and Resilience.

What are the Vital Signs?


The Access Vital Sign reviews the extent to which treatments, diagnostics or other technologies can be accessed by the people who need them.

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Health Status

The Health Status Vital Sign measures how healthy a population is, and how well the healthcare system supports continued health

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The Innovation Vital Sign assesses investments in developing new transformative treatments or technologies by both the responsible authorities and the private sector.

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The Quality Vital Sign evaluates factors that demonstrate the quality of healthcare services for an entire population.

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The Resilience Vital Sign considers the ability of a health system to continue to meet the population’s needs in the future and the resources which ensure versatile adaptability to innovation.

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Vital Signs and Measures

All measures, including the measures within the Vital Signs, are equally weighted.

Meet the Experts

A steering panel of healthcare experts has rigorously guided the building of the Indices to make the final tool as neutral, relevant and wide-reaching as possible, and to drive a future-focused conversation.

The Making of the Index

What if everyone had equal access to healthcare? Technology and data can help us get there, but we need to start talking. Using third party data, the Futureproofing Healthcare Indices are designed to start a dialogue, across sectors & borders, about the future of healthcare.

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