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The Multiple Sclerosis Index

The Multiple Sclerosis Index measures a country’s performance based on three Vital Signs. The Vital Signs evaluate three main aspects of MS care: Diagnosis & Outcomes, Support & Management, and Daily Living.

What are the Vital Signs?

Daily Living

Aspects outside the healthcare system contributing to full participation of people with MS in society and the economy

Learn more about Daily Living

Diagnosis & Outcomes

Clinical aspects: patient outcomes and resources aiding MS diagnosis

Learn more about Diagnosis & Outcomes

Support & Management

The provision of information, resources and other support aiding people living with MS

Learn more about Support & Management

Vital Signs and Measures

All measures, including the measures within the Vital Signs, are equally weighted.

Using MS data to have open conversations

Birgit Bauer, journalist, social media & digital health expert, was diagnosed with MS in 2005. Now she’s part of the Expert Panel delivering change through the 2019 Multiple Sclerosis Index

Watch the video to hear about Birgit's story