The Progress Paradox

The Progress Paradox documentary series commissioned by Roche invites a dynamic cross-section of thought leaders to discuss how we can collaboratively address the wider dilemmas involved in healthcare delivery across Europe. With the documentary series, Roche wants to start an open and thought-provoking dialogue which will help us start moving forward on some of society’s biggest challenges today.

The second episode of the series published today looks at the paradox in breast cancer where despite the substantial advancements in treatments over the past 20 years, breast cancer patients still face very different outcomes depending on where they live.  Survival rates for breast cancer patients in Europe vary steeply from 60% to over 90% depending on a country.
In the documentary breast cancer-advocates and experts discuss without editorial control by Roche the seriousness of the challenge and what is needed to ensure that the needs of breast cancer patients will be met in the years to come. 

Adverse event reporting

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