A Vision for Asia Pacific in 2050 โ€“ unlocking the benefits of personalised healthcare

Think ahead to a future when COVID-19 is behind us. When scientists have discovered ways to increase healthy longevity and unlocked dynamic prevention, aiding billions of people worldwide to avoid illness altogether, and all of this is possible because personalised healthcare principles are now the norm. This is a vision for Asia Pacific in 2050.

We are still far away from this reality. However, the current pandemic has forced us to take more collective responsibility and start working together to create data-driven and collective future proofed healthcare systems. Tony Estrella, Health expert, futurist and author introduces an optimistic outlook for the future in a new whitepaper โ€˜A Vision for Asia Pacific in 2050โ€™

Watch his introduction to this thought experiment whitepaper here:

As he mentions in the video, the success of this will rely on the application of five axioms driven by governments, society as a whole, health organisations formed through interconnected systems, individuals and clinicians.

Governments will create policies and governance in favour of precision medicine, and society will develop a new social conscience driving the establishment of universal access to longevity health. By 2050, technology will power interconnected systems collecting and managing data and individuals will have accumulated all personal, behaviour and health information into their own โ€œhumanomeโ€, repositories that will enable clinicians to personalise prevention and care interventions.

To download the full โ€˜A Vision for Asia Pacific in 2050โ€™ whitepaper please click here:
A Vision for Asia Pacific in 2050

To download the whitepaper summary please click here:
2-Page Whitepaper Summary

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