Guest Speaker

Dr. Inaya Ezzeddine

Member of Parliament, Lebanese Republic, Founding Director, Medical Analysis and Pathology Laboratory,Executive Board Member, Regional Parliamentary Forum for Health and Well-being (WHO-EMRO)

Dr. Ezzeddine is a member of the Lebanese Parliament where she represents the district of Tyre (Sour) and Zahrani. She chairs the Women and Children Parliamentary Committee and is a member of the Environment, Public Health, Labor and Social Affairs Committees. Prior to her election, Dr. Ezzeddine served as a Minister of State for Administrative Reform in the cabinet of Prime Minister Saad El Hariri. She was the only female minister in a cabinet of thirty. Through her numerous parliamentary and ministerial portfolios, Dr. Ezzeddine was instrumental in drafting and ratifying legislations pertaining to children and women issues including economic empowerment and sexual offenses and exploitation such as harassment, abuse, assault and violence. Within the paradigms of her agenda, her campaign focuses on the development of better public policy and governance across the board in social development and nation building. She actively led and participated in national initiatives including the; National Digital Transformation Strategy; National Anti-Corruption Strategy and its implementation plan; National Commission for Combating Corruption; Lebanese Parliamentarians against Corruption (LebPAC), a national anti-corruption platform to and the development of six solid waste management master plans to improve environmental health and safety.

Dr. Ezzeddine has gained prominence on the national and regional levels as a leading voice on issues including, governance, reform, public service and health care. She is a member of the Executive Board of the Regional Parliamentary Forum for Health and Well-Being in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, a collaborative effort with the World Health Organization to improve public health. Furthermore, Dr. Ezzeddine is a member of numerous other scientific and medical societies in and outside her native country of Lebanon. On the international level, Dr. Ezzeddine has been a member of the Brussels based Women Political Leaders (WPL), a prestigious global platform and network of female parliamentarians with a mission to empower women in political leadership.

As a medical doctor (MD), Dr. Ezzeddine commenced her medical career in 1989 upon graduating from the American University of Beirut (AUB). She completed two residency training programs in clinical and surgical pathology, a fellowship in cytopathology and subspecialty training in the United Kingdom (the Royal Free Hospital-London, the John Radcliffe Hospital-Oxford University), and the United States of America. (MD Anderson Cancer Center and Emory University Hospital-Atlanta). She further received specialized training and participated in numerous workshops in the field of biosafety and biosecurity.

In 1999, Dr. Ezzeddine founded a medical testing center, Medical Analysis and Pathology (M.A.P), a professionally staffed state-of-the-art medical testing and analysis laboratories located in the heart of Beirutโ€™s famous medical district of AUBMC. As part of her commitment to a better practice in medical care, she actively participated in the development of a National Quality Management Program for medical laboratories in private practice. M.A.P is professionally affiliated with numerous medical testing facilities in and outside Lebanon.

Dr. Ezzeddine is a member of the Lebanese Order of Physicians, and a member of numerous national, regional and international scientific and medical societies.