24th Nov 2022

Innovative models to support the future of African healthcare systems

24th Nov 2022 10:00 CET
Our most recent LinkedIn Event featured healthcare leaders from Nigeria, Morocco and Kenya discussing how the public/private partnerships model across the continent can serve as the way forward for African countries to realise sustainable universal health care access.

In Africa today, healthcare systems are under increasing pressure as life expectancy improves, the demand for healthcare services increases, and the rise in noncommunicable diseases doubles the burden already in place from communicable diseases. These challenges can impact efforts to strengthen health systems and adopt evidence-based and cost-effective innovations in Africa as health systems navigate the path to Universal Health Coverage (UHC). As mentioned in the State of Health in the WHO African Region report, it is therefore essential to support countries in identifying policies and practices which can help in meeting their commitment to achieve UHC and health-related targets within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This LinkedIn live event was part of our FutureProofing Healthcare Initiative, which aims to accelerate and support the future evolution of healthcare by tracking and measuring progress towards more sustainable, personalised, integrated, and digital health systems.

Read more and watch the event here 


Dr. Nick

Head of Medical Affairs & Africa Genomics Program Partnerships Lead at Roche South Africa


Professor of Medical Oncology, University of Rabat, Morocco

Dr. Catherine

UHC Director - AMREF

Dr. Yakubu

Nigerian National Health Insurance Authority