8th May 2020

Building Resilient Health Systems: COVID-19

8th May 2020 10:00 GMT
COVID-19 has shown that health spend must be viewed as an investment, not a cost, and this investment needs to include better use of data

How has the world responded to COVID-19 so far? What lessons can we learn now to help us build more resilient health systems in future? These were among the key questions that were explored during the first episode in the โ€˜Building Resilient Health Systemsโ€™ webinar series, which took place on May 8th. Co-chaired by Jeremy Lim, National University of Singapore, and Denis Horgan, Executive Director, โ€ŽEuropean Alliance for Personalised Medicine, the two-hour session was an opportunity for health experts across the Asia-Pacific and European regions to discuss the pandemic response to date, and the lessons that the world can already learn.

Watch the sessions with our experts from the 10th of May 2020 below or read the top three lessons from the COVID pandemic so far here


Session 1: 

Discussing the importance of having โ€˜unity in purposeโ€™, Prof. Tikki Pangestu, Visiting Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and Former Director of WHO Research Policy, and Mary Harney, Former Tรกnaiste and Former Minister for Health, Ireland, showed how two very different countries (Singapore and Ireland respectively) handled the response, with collaboration at the centre


Session 2: 

Co-chairs Jeremy Lim, National University of Singapore, and Denis Horgan, European Alliance for Personalised Medicine (EAPM) discussed the following in the second session:

  • Lessons learned about health system preparedness and resilience
  • Data and the role of digital health

The co-chairs were joined by panellists Associate Prof Leanne Raven, CEO, Crohnโ€™s and Colitis Australia, Dr Krishna Reddy, Cardiologist and Healthcare Reformist, Bogi Eliasen, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies and Professor Joanne Hackett, General Partner, Healthcare at IZY Capital.