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The Breast Cancer Index

The Breast Cancer Index takes a close look at the patient journey through the lens of this disease. It shows how healthcare systems in Europe support breast cancer patients at five stages in the patient journey:

What are the Vital Signs?

Outcomes & Survivorship

The Outcomes and Survivorship Vital Sign evaluates the survival rate and outcomes of diagnosed breast cancer patients.

Learn more about Outcomes & Survivorship

Palliative Care

The Palliative Care Vital Sign focuses on evaluating the end of life care of breast cancer patients. It assesses health system solutions and available services to improve the quality of life for the terminally ill.

Learn more about Palliative Care

Patient Focus

The Patient Focus Vital Sign follows the ability of a health system to meet patients’ needs throughout the patient journey.

Learn more about Patient Focus

Prevention & Diagnosis

The Prevention and Diagnosis Vital Sign evaluates the actions taken by healthcare systems to prevent and better diagnose breast cancer.

Learn more about Prevention & Diagnosis


The Treatment Vital Sign assesses the availability of healthcare solutions necessary for the treatment of breast cancer.

Learn more about Treatment

Vital Signs and Measures

All measures, including the measures within the Vital Signs, are equally weighted.

Meet the Experts

A steering panel of healthcare experts has rigorously guided the building of the Indices to make the final tool as neutral, relevant and wide-reaching as possible, and to drive a future-focused conversation.