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FutureProofing Healthcare believes we should all have equal access to healthcare.

Our Indices aggregate accredited, current third-party data to enable us to take stock, learn from best practices and most importantly, start a conversation to shape sustainable healthcare systems for the future.

The Progress Paradox

The Progress Paradox documentary series invites a dynamic cross-section of thought leaders to discuss how we can collaboratively address the wider dilemmas involved in healthcare delivery across Europe. 

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About FutureProofing Healthcare

Today’s healthcare systems will not meet the challenges of tomorrow’s healthcare needs. Healthcare systems must be futureproofed now to ensure that patients will get the care they need in the coming decades.

FutureProofing Healthcare requires a fact-based, rational, ongoing discussion about the solutions we can implement today to prepare for the healthcare challenges of the future.  

The Sustainability Index aggregates credible data sources, draws from the knowledge of established experts, and creates a picture of the healthcare systems we have now to reveal insights and start a collaborative dialogue about what works and what’s next in European healthcare systems. 

We hope you’ll join us for this important conversation. Please browse our Expert Opinions and share your own point of view.

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