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Key facts about Europe

Datos clave Many strong performers in health data and infrastructure

Most countries perform above the average on the Health Information Vital Sign, which is driven by consistent high scores on cancer registries and patient data control, although there is room for improvement on Electronic Health Records.

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Datos clave Less disparity on Policy Context

The majority of countries are clustered around the average score in the Policy Context Vital Sign. The notable exception is Finland, which has a 12 point lead to Austria in second place.


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Datos clave Potential for progress on health services

Health Services is the Vital Sign with the lowest average score, with access to patient portals and R&D spending as areas for many countries to improve.

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Overview of European Countries

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Personalised Health Index launch: are European health systems ready to face what the future holds?

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Are European health systems ready to face what the future holds?

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