Guest Speaker

Emilio Santelices

Former Health Minister of Chile, Professor at the School of Public Health, President of Salud 5i

Dr. Emilio Santelices Cuevas studied medicine at Chile’s Pontificia Universidad Católica and specializes in cardiovascular and transplant anesthesiology. Later, he earned a Ph.D. in public health and a diploma in healthcare administration, both from University of Chile, and an MBA from Tulane University. Dr. Santelices has held several posts at Clínica Las Condes, besides teaching at University of Chile and serving as chairman of the board of the Corporación Médicos para Chile. From 2010 to 2014, he advised the Chilean Ministry of Health on enhancements and quality evaluations for hospitals and primary care centers. In 2018, he was appointed Health Minister by President Sebastián Piñera, a post he held until June 2019.