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Beata Jagielska

Head of Oncological Diagnostics, National Institute of Oncology Maria Skล‚odowska-Curie, PL

Beata Jagielska is the Head of the Oncological Diagnostics, Cardiological Oncology and Palliative Medicine Clinic at the National Institute of Oncology Maria Skล‚odowska-Curie, which sits as part of the National Research Institute of Poland. She is also Deputy Director for Open Health Care and Settlements of Health Services at the same institution.
Dr Jagielska graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw before completing a doctoral degree at the Polish National Cancer Institute. She is a member of various scientific councils, including the Polish Society of Clinical Oncology, Polish Oncology Society and ESMO, and has served as the President of the Polish Coalition of Personalized Medicine Association since 2017.