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Why we exist

The FutureProofing Healthcare initiative was formed because current health systems are not meeting peoples’ needs: they are unsustainable and costs are increasing. This has resulted in an unequal distribution of healthcare across society, leading to unfair outcomes, less happiness, and lower economic productivity.

What our aims are

We’re envisaging not just how to rebuild post-COVID-19 healthcare systems incorporating key learnings from the pandemic. Our mission is to build new, personalised, data-driven and resilient health systems that are ready for the future.

How this vision will be achieved

We believe we can help create better healthcare through health systems that are sustainable and personalised. We believe the way to achieve this is through cross-sector and cross-border collaboration, the holistic use of data, and the adoption of new and emerging digital technologies. And we believe this will result in improved patient outcomes and a happier, fairer and more prosperous society.

Our role in achieving this vision

We see our role as that of catalyst and facilitator for improving healthcare systems globally. 

Our international expert steering panel shows how different countries and regions have used and are using digital and personalised health to manage the impact of the pandemic on their people and their health systems.

Our FutureProofing Healthcare Indices brings together third-party data into one place, making it comparable, visible and easy to use – allowing government policy makers, clinicians, patient groups and others to measure how far countries are progressing towards more personalised, integrated, digital health systems.

And we’re convening the international healthcare community online and at real-world events to share ideas and insights, and to co-create solutions.

Who FutureProofing Healthcare was set up for

  • Health policy makers and influencers at national and supranational levels
  • Other health policy makers and influencers e.g. patient groups, access campaigners
  • Patient groups and advocates
  • Policy-interested clinicians and medical associations
  • Traditional and online media and social influencers
  • Comms and public affairs suppliers and agencies

Who FutureProofing Healthcare Is 

The FutureProofing Healthcare initiative was set up and funded by Roche but independently driven by experts. The founding principle of this community is to accelerate our progress towards healthcare of the future by tracking and encouraging the evolution of health systems the world over. We draw on the lessons of the recent past and look to the needs of the future, sharing best practice from around the world.