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Everyone should have equal access to healthcare. Meaningful conversations and sharing best practice will help to achieve this. This website is an interactive tool showcasing insights and data from the FutureProofing Healthcare Indices to support this dialogue. The site is divided into three parts:ย 

  • The Sustainability Index
  • The Breast Cancer Index
  • Expert Commentary

The Indices

Two indices have been created so that accredited third-party data can be efficiently and effectively explored.

The 2018 Sustainability Index provides a holistic snapshot of what healthcare systems, across the 28 EU Member States, look like today.ย 

The Breast Cancer Index takes a close look at the patient journey through the lens of one disease.ย 

Substantial data sets allow users to work with the data for their own research purposes; examine the measures or Vital Signs that matter most and explore hypotheses on the relationships between them.

The Expert Panel

The objective of the indices is to start a collaborative future-focused conversation on the sustainability of healthcare. In order to drive this conversation, a steering panel of healthcare experts has rigorously guided the building of the indices to make the final tool as neutral, relevant and wide-reaching as possible. Expert panels have also been mobilised at national level in countries across Europe, to drive the conversation regionally and deliver more localised context for the findings.

Your Role

As you dig deep into the data, you can share your findings via email or social media. You can also find out more by emailing or following @FutureProofHlth on Twitter. As findings are shared, this interactive tool will grow and develop, allowing for the identification of successful outcomes and areas for focus.

The Goal

The goal is to cultivate an informed dialogue about the future of healthcare. This, ultimately, is what will contribute to ensuring equal access to healthcare for all.

*Please note: despiteย a rigorous methodology, FutureProofing Healthcare unreservedly acknowledges that the indices are not flawless โ€“ for one, because the available data for healthcare systems is itself not consistent.