FutureProofing Healthcare believes we should all have equal access to healthcare. Our Indices aggregate accredited, current third-party data to enable us to take stock, learn from best practices and most importantly, start a conversation to shape sustainable healthcare systems for the future. 

A steering panel of healthcare experts has rigorously guided the building of the Indices to make the final tool as neutral, relevant and wide-reaching as possible, and to drive a future-focused conversation. 

Despite our rigorous methodology, FutureProofing Healthcare unreservedly acknowledges that the Indices are not flawless – for one, because the available data for healthcare systems is itself not consistent. 

The 2018 Sustainability Index provides a holistic snapshot of what healthcare systems across the 28 EU Member States look like today, with the objective of starting a collaborative future-focused conversation on the sustainability of healthcare. 

How can the Index be used?

One of the key strengths of the Index is the availability of substantial data sets that allow the user to work with the data for whatever their own area of focus or needs may be. 

The Index digital platform allows users to examine the measures or Vital Signs that matter most to them, and to explore their own hypotheses on the relationships between them and then share and comment on these.
The methodology for building the Index was purposely agnostic on the weight given to individual data points, specifically because of this strong desire to put the data firmly in the hands of the user. 

Moreover, the Indices do not presume to present a static and objective performance ranking. Each country has its own specific circumstances, its own strengths and weaknesses. Each country can look to others to possibly do things differently and/or encourage alternative practices.   

Where do we go from here?

More information and conclusions will become available as users help the interactive tool grow and develop over time. 

The tool helps identify future-ready systems and acknowledge successful outcomes, to understand areas where focused effort will be most useful. It also helps cultivate informed dialogue among influencers and decision-makers about the future of healthcare. But, ultimately, this interactive tool will be what you – its users – make of it.