A vision for Lab 3.0 in 2050

In June 2020, author and futurist Tony Estrella published A Vision for APAC in 2050, a white paper to stimulate conversation on the future of health in this region.

The white paper, which initially appeared here on FutureProofing Healthcare, imagined a world in which emerging technologies drive the widespread adoption of personalised medicine and bring about a golden era of health and wellness. 

In a recent article for Lab Insights, an educational content hub for the clinical lab community, Estrella extended the concepts from this white paper to explore how clinical labs may evolve in the coming decades. Estrella notes that clinical labs already play a central role in generating key datasets that drive important clinical decisions, but anticipates that their influence and impact will continue to grow between now and 2050. 

Part of this journey will involve a transition to the total automation of clinical lab processes and the integration of lab information systems with broader clinical and real-world datasets, as well as the emergence of new regulatory frameworks for data management. This process will eventually result in the wholesale redefinition of what a clinical lab is and what lab professionals do, opening opportunities to generate entirely new sources of value. 

How might this transition unfold? Find out in A Vision for Lab 3.0 in 2050, Estrella's latest piece for Lab Insights.

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