Asia Healthcare Podcast: Rachel Frizberg shares her perspective on the need to futureproof health systems and how it can be achieved in APAC

Rachel Frizberg, Area Head APAC, Roche speaks to Jonathan Chan, host of the Asia Healthcare Podcast, about how countries across APAC can build more sustainable and resilient healthcare systems.
Rachel Frizberg Roche Pharma APAC Head

In this episode, Rachel Frizberg, Area Head APAC, highlights the current healthcare challenges and opportunities in APAC, and emphasises the need for multi-stakeholder collaboration to ensure health systems are futureproofed. ย  Hear first-handย howย the potential of this data-driven future has only been magnified through the current pandemic, as Rachel identifies three driving forces that are transforming healthcare: data at a massive scale, rapidly advancing digital technology, and a radical new understanding of biology and genomics. ย  Now, more than ever, we have the chance to create more personalised health systems within APAC, moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach to embrace innovation and tailor healthcare to individuals. The FutureProofing Healthcare Initiative is an opportunity to develop more sustainable health systems, with a focus on digital technology and data science, through evidence-based policy reform.

Listen to the full episode with Rachel on the Asia Healthcare Podcast

Broadcast date: Monday 2 November 2020

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